The Dreamwork Handbook


A practical guide to using dreams as a catalyst for a healthier, happier physical and emotional relationship with yourself and others.


This interactive book helps you harness the power of waking and sleeping dreams to navigate through the emotional labyrinth toward clarity and fulfillment:
Thought-provoking exercises and specially devised dream scenarios offer dozens of step-by-step ways to use dreams to
enhance our love lives, as well as our relationships with family and friends.
Discover new ways to benefit from your dream life, based on visualizations, role play, storytelling, and other
techniques for solo or mutual dreamwork.
Go beyond dream symbolism and get to grips with the detailed language of dreams, allowing you to explore your deep
subconscious spirituality, health, self-esteem and desires.
Dream together with others and discover the dream path of love.
The Guided Daydreaming Toolkit offers a practical series of exercises to gently conduct any relationship back into alignment.

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