Rip Tie Tangle Free Hair Tie



Love the wind and water, hate what it does to your hair? The innovative, patent-pending Rip Tie Tangle Free Hair Ties will keep your hair streamlined and smooth. Perfect for surfers, divers, motorcycle riders, dirt bikers, mountain bikers and any other sport!

Step One: Use the larger loop to make a ponytail. Be sure to keep the braided part out of the way.

Step Two: Hold the elastic taut (but not too tight) and wrap it around the ponytail. Make sure the elastic loops are tight and do not slide, and evenly spaced along the length of the entire ponytail.

Step Three: Wrap the small loop around the end like a braid.

Pro tip: Don’t redo the hair while in the water, even if it gets a little messy, the elastic keeps the hair in the same direction, and rewrapping it while wet will increase the tangles.

Length of regular and thick hair ties is approximately 24″ long, perfect for hair from the shoulder to mid back. Wrap sections smaller or longer depending on hair length. The extra long version is 34″ and perfect for hair longer than the mid back.

The difference between the regular and extra thick sizes is in the size of the elastic. The regular and extra long elastics are made of 2.5mm elastic, and the extra thick is made of 3mm elastic.

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