Heartbreak Inferno


Emily Kurc pulls you in from the first poem to the last with her easy to relate to poems about family, love, lost love, the aching and lingering of lost loves, and conversations about how healing isn’t linear and sometimes all you want to do is feel while other times perhaps it would be easier not to.

Heartbreak Inferno is full of easy to relate to poems both simple and poignant.

As someone who is the eldest daughter who has always been made to feel that she feels too much I related as much to Kurc’s familial struggles as much as her romantic aching.

This line from her work stuck with me: “What do we become when we are no longer hurting?” What, indeed?! This book hooks you in and refuses to let you go.

– Linda Crate

Kurc brings to life heart wrenching lines and vivid imagery which come together to create a visceral experience for the soul. Heartbreak Inferno is the whole package!

Kat Savage


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