Beehive 120 Hour Coil Candle


Cotton wick burns 20 minutes per every inch · Inspired by 1600’s tradition
This innovative, coiled beeswax candle used to be known as a “courting candle.” Back in the 1600’s, protective parents used coiled candles to limit the amount of time prospective suiters could spend with their daughters. Candle by the Hour did away with the outdated ritual, but kept the beautiful design. The cotton wick burns 20 minutes per every inch that you pull through the clip. You set the time, and then it’ll actually go out by itself.


Materials: Beeswax candle, cotton wick, metal base
Care: Trim wax in between use, wipe dust with damp rag when not in use
Includes: One candle, removable bees, metal base with self-extinguishing clip
Dimensions: 10.43″ x 7.01″ x 7.01″
Weight: 2.6lbs

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