Welcome to Deena's!

Modern Elegance on the Jersey Shore...

Deena's is owned and operated by Deena El-Attar. Deena was born in Pittsburg, PA from Egyptian Heritage and moved to Alexandria, Egypt at 9 months old with her parents; where she was raised most of her life. She studied Industrial and Management Engineering and received her Masters Degree in those majors. After searching far and wide for a career that fulfilled her creative side, Deena decided to take after her grandmother who had run a similar Boutique. Together, they spent their Summers in Paris which gave Deena a chance to study and admire local French Boutiques, getting a feel for their elegant and chic style before she moved to the Jersey Shore with her husband. Deena and her grandmother had always dreamed of running a Boutique together but unfortunately her grandmother is no longer with us and Deena ventured out to follow the dream on her own.

Deena's is a dream come true and a chance to share her passion with the world. Customers can see her modern and classy taste in the way she puts together window and store displays. Her love for travel, style, shopping and beauty shines through in every item available to you at Deena's.

Stop in and see the variety of home decor, clothing, accessories and unique items that Deena's Boutique has to offer. You're sure to find something you just can't leave without!!!